The Most Corrupt Countries in the World

Eritrea has been one of a number of African nations to benefit from a recent mining boom, but with new economic horizons have come staggering levels of corruption. According to some reports, the Eritrean government has brought in revenues of over $1 billion through the Bisha gold mine in 2011, yet this huge sum of money has not been accounted for. Horrific human rights abuses of mine workers also gained media attention in December 2014.

Hand-in-hand with this has come the involvement of high-ranking military figures in various types of illegal activity. Goods smuggling and even human trafficking connected to torture and organ removal are among the accusations levelled at the military, which the government apparently has little control over. The impact for the Eritrean people? Shortages of drinking water, lack of fuel resulting in frequent electricity blackouts, and many other daily hardships

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